Our Aims, Visions and Ethos

Our Vision

For a school where everyone becomes the very best they can be.
Be your best self – every day!

Our Aims

To provide a broad and balanced education covering key skills, learning
independence, PSHE and a range of extra curricular activities. We aim to
develop well rounded children who have a love of learning that they can
then take forward to enhance their learning at high school and use during
their lives. 

Ethos Statement

Made to Measure Learning at Mill Dam School

  • We at Mill Dam are fully inclusive. We work together to ensure everyone has a chance to achieve to the best of their ability and potential.
  • We robustly challenge any prejudice.
  • Everyone is taught how to keep safe, including online.
  • We add value through an enquiry led, engaging, applied curriculum which develops: key numeracy, literacy and science skills, generic social skills and technical expertise for a modern world.
  • We offer meaningful contexts for learning and appropriate resources which engage and encourage an enjoyment of learning.
  • Our personalised approach for every child is routed in rigorous assessment, which includes good home school liaison and flexible planning within whole school systems.
  • We offer experiences which provide insight into how it would feel to work within a wide range of careers in the future; to enable pupils to make sensible career choices, which enhance their wellbeing.
  • Through SMSC* we teach how to make a contribution and good life choices for the culture and society they choose to live in.
  • We support transitions across key stages in their lives.
  • We use research and other agencies to ensure our teaching pedagogy is relevant and effective.
  • We expect everyone to be accountable in our single focus to improve the life chances and enjoyment of learning, for every child, regardless of their starting points.

*Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

Our Values

Our four core values are:

  • Excellence
  • Aspiration
  • Independence
  • Equality

Our School Rules

  • Be Ready
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Safe
  • Be Kind

Our School Motto

A place to learn, a place to grow.