School Uniform


School uniform is worn at Mill Dam school by all children. This consists of a white polo shirt, a red sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan and plain dark grey or black trousers or skirts.  Sensible, plain black shoes or trainers should also be worn. Last term we introduced a new school logo and sweatshirts, polo shirts, cardigans, jumpers and book bags with this on are available to order from Plain red sweatshirts and plain white shirts or polo shirts may also be worn.


All children should change their clothes for PE in line with health and safety guidance. All earrings must be removed, if children can’t remove these themselves please remove them at home before school. It is not safe for children to do PE activities with earrings taped over; they must be removed. If you are considering having your child’s ears pierced please try to arrange this for the beginning of the summer break so that they are able to have their earrings removed in time for September. For indoor PE sessions children should wear dark navy or black shorts and a red polo shirt - with or without the school logo. Pumps should be worn for most indoor sessions although some may require bare feet. Trainers or pumps can be worn for outside sessions. In winter months a dark navy or black fleece or tracksuit top and tracksuit bottoms may be worn in addition to the polo shirt.


Children go swimming to Pontefract swimming baths during year 5. Girls must wear one piece swimming costumes and boys swimming shorts with a liner which don’t come below their knees. Long hair must be tied back and earrings must be removed. A £1 coin must be sent into school at the start of year 5 for lockers. We will keep this to use each week during the year.

Jewellery/Watches/Make up

Jewellery should not be worn as it is not school uniform and may get lost or broken. A child who has pierced ears may wear studded earrings only, and children may wear wrist watches, but school cannot accept responsibility should they be lost or damaged. Make up should not be worn by children and this includes nail varnish.